Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sophie Pascoe

We have been learning about skimming and scamming

Sophie Pascoe

Sophie Pascoe is 25 years old and she is a swimmer. She has two gold medals. Image result for sophie pascoe

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

moment in time

this writing is about a moment in time
my goal is to stay on track

I feel like I had no sleep. I am going to go back to sleep.

It was still dark  when I go hunting dark in my room.
Then mum comes in the world is over.
I am so sad that I got up then it gets really
bad I got school today nooo.
It is so cold outside and I am still tired.   

Thursday, September 28, 2017


We went to camp last week

I'm looking forward to going on the atvs and the tramp in the lake but we did not go on the atvs we went on the buggies.

The last time I went to camp we had heaps of pools. I am really tired and i have had so much fun i am going to bed soon yayyy!

We got to go on the buggies it was so much fun and Deegan crashed it on his third lap. We went in the lake it was like ice.

The pool was like ice to. The camp was fun but I like Hanmer better. When  i got home i got in my bed it was felt so good and i was so tired. In rock climbing I got to the top it was easy. In the lake on the tramp tahlia thro us of the tramp.

In archery i got two bull sigh it was so fun and in shooting i got one bull sigh i was doing good with no scope it was very cool if you ask me. IMG_0229.JPG This is the go kart we went on it was fun to drift and i got to go on it two times it was fun i went to go back and i got to do 10 laps and it goes fast for a 150cc go kart
By Carlos